Farewell, TFR Readers

Dear TFR Readers,

It has been a rewarding experience to research, document and publish original articles on personal finance over the last 3 years. I started Ten Factorial Rocks as an “alternative” website in FI/RE space, one that gives it straight on what works and what doesn’t in personal finance based on my own experience.

However, finding time to research, edit and publish original research articles – not to mention maintain a website like this – took a huge toll on my personal time, to the extent that at times, it interfered with either my professional career or my family life.

I have always advocated the importance of FI over RE (you will find several articles in m website that emphasize this message). And also advocated the importance of high earning over frugal living to achieve FI sooner than most.

As a blog author who believes in eating his own cooking, every article and concept this blog has covered over the last couple of years was battle-tested in my own career and life experience. In the same vein, I have taken up a new CXO-level position that requires my undivided attention towards my job.

I have never spent a penny on marketing on this website, not have I spent time in any of the marketing (“what’s SEO?”!) tools and associated social media that other bloggers spend a lot of time (and even money) on. Yet, this website has garnered a loyal readership and hundreds of long-time subscribers. To you all, I simply want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your loyal readership and encouragement in comments and several emails are the reasons why I even managed to write articles and maintain this website for nearly 3 years.

I have, therefore, decided with a heavy heart, to relinquish this website to a professional owner who is more adept at running a site like this. The new owner understands the importance and the impact of my original articles and I am sure will build on them, either on this website or elsewhere as he sees fit. More than the pittance this site is valued at, it is the sincerity of the new owner on which I place faith. I cannot disclose any details as per our agreement but I hope you will hear from the new owner in the future.

I wish you all smooth sailing in your personal financial lives and hope that my articles have, in some small way, contributed to your thinking and positive financial outcome. Whenever time permits, and if the new owner agrees, I may contribute occasionally with an article or two here. But don’t hold your breath – my CXO-level responsibilities will likely afford very little time.

With best wishes,

Roman (Mr. TFR)

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6 comments on “Farewell, TFR Readers”

  1. By freddy smidlap Reply

    hey man, good luck in the new role. i sure have enjoyed your no BS approach and honest answers and replies. some check out the smidlap chateau every now and then to see what kind of trouble i’m stirring up with those independent thoughts and notions. peace.

  2. By Triplet Mom Reply

    I understand what you mean. We started a blog but we preferred to spend more time with the children instead. It showed in the articles. I enjoyed reading your articles and still do everyday. Your absence will be felt by someone who has taken your advice and benefited greatly. Be well and good luck with your new endeavors.

  3. By Miss Piggy Reply

    I’ve loved reading your posts over the years (long time lurker here) and wish you all the best with your new position! I’ll keep an eye out for the odd post here and there if and when you find the time to write one. No doubt your C-level position will keep you busy.

    Good luck on your new adventure – you’ve inspired many of us to keep working towards our FI/RE journey.

    xx Miss Piggy
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