The Rise and Fall of Popular Items at Bloomingdale’s

Bloomingdale’s has always been a hot spot for the latest and greatest in fashion and lifestyle. Over the years, some items became instant hits, while others had a fleeting moment of glory. You’re about to take a fun trip down memory lane and see which trends rose to fame and which ones fell by the wayside. So, brace yourself for a blast from the past!

Bell Bottom Jeans

Though they made a comeback, bell bottoms were once the ultimate fashion statement in the 1970s. Selling out fast at Bloomingdale’s, these jeans defined a generation. But as fashion evolved toward skinny silhouettes in the 2000s, bell bottoms got benched.

Chunky Knit Sweaters

Everyone loves a cozy sweater, right? Bloomingdale’s chunky knit sweaters were a hit, keeping shoppers warm and stylish. But as trends leaned towards more streamlined, lightweight fabrics, these bulky knits saw a decline in the American luxury department store chain.

Fanny Packs

Fanny packs ruled the 1990s with their blend of convenience and retro flair. From the shelves to shoppers’ waists, they were everywhere at Bloomingdale’s, founded in 1861. However, their popularity dipped as sleeker accessories came into vogue.

Velvet Tracksuits

At one point, you couldn’t walk through Bloomingdale’s without seeing velvet or velour tracksuits. They epitomized early 2000s leisurewear with a touch of glam. As activewear became more technologically advanced and less flashy, these tracksuits faded out.

Platform Shoes

Platforms gave many a much-needed boost and ruled the shoe section at Bloomingdale’s during their peak. Yet, the rise of minimalist, comfort-focused footwear led to their decline. High fashion, but at what cost?

Polaroid Cameras

Polaroids offered instant gratification in a snap, becoming a must-have. Sold extensively at Bloomingdale’s during their heyday, these cameras later lost ground to digital photography’s convenience and quality. Times change, and technology races on!

Statement Necklaces

Bloomingdale’s once couldn’t stock enough statement necklaces, those bold, conversation-starting pieces. However, as minimalism took over the accessory world, these necklaces became less popular. Less is sometimes more, isn’t it?

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants were practical and fashionable, stocked heavily at Bloomingdale’s, acquired by Federated Department Stores in 1930. As fashion trends moved towards a more fitted look, cargos lost their appeal. Too many pockets, too little time.


Oh, berets! They added a touch of French elegance and were wildly popular at Bloomingdale’s in their prime. But as casual caps gained favor, berets were tipped to the side. Au revoir, old friend!

Flip Phones

Becoming popular in the late 1990s, flip phones were the height of mobile technology and a hot item at Bloomingdale’s. The advent of smartphones, with their vast capabilities, rendered flip phones nearly obsolete. Tech waits for no one!

Peasant Tops

Peasant tops brought a bohemian rhapsody to Bloomingdale’s racks, celebrated for their airy comfort and style. But as fashion cycles moved towards sharper, more tailored lines, these breezy tops drifted away. Everything changes, even boho chic.

Shag Rugs

At one point, shag rugs were the go-to for stylish, textured home decor at Bloomingdale’s. However, their maintenance demands saw their popularity unravel. High maintenance, much?

Beaded Curtains

Beaded curtains were all the rage, creating a funky, psychedelic vibe in many homes. But as minimalism and modern designs took over, these curtains became a relic of the past. Quiet is the new loud.

Digital Watches

Digital watches were once a marvel of timekeeping technology at Bloomingdale’s. Yet, as smartwatches emerged offering multifunctional uses, these simpler timepieces were overshadowed. Upgrade, anyone?

Tie-Dye Kits

DIY tie-dye kits provided a burst of color and a personal touch, making them popular purchases at Bloomingdale’s. As the DIY craze cooled down, so did the demand for these kits. All good trends must come to an end!

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