10 School Supplies That Made Every Kid Excited for Class

The back-to-school shopping sprees of our youth never felt complete without a brand-new backpack, the trendiest pencil case, and the intoxicating scent of a new box of crayons. It was a time when the promise of knowledge and adventure mingled with the pure joy of cool school supplies. Did you know the Trapper Keeper, that iconic binder of the 1980s and 1990s, was invented by a forward-thinking executive looking for a better way to organize student work? And the first scented eraser resulted from a happy accident during a chemistry experiment! These seemingly ordinary supplies were more than just tools for learning; they were badges of individuality, sparks of creativity, and silent companions on our educational journeys.

Trapper Keepers

These colorful binders weren’t just for storing notes. Trapper Keepers came with pockets, rings, and dividers, making them a one-stop shop for organization and personalization. Decorating your Trapper Keeper with stickers and pins was practically a right of passage.

Gel Pens

Remember the joy of clicking a pen and watching a vibrant line of color appear on the page? Gel pens, with their smooth ink flow and endless color options, were a game-changer for note-taking and doodling. Metallic and glitter gel pens added an extra touch of pizazz to any schoolwork.

#2 Pencils

The humble #2 pencil might seem basic, but it was a classroom essential. From math worksheets to standardized tests, these reliable pencils offered erasable writing and a satisfying feel against the paper. Sharpening a fresh pencil was a unique sensory experience and the perfect way to procrastinate just a little bit longer.


Textbooks suddenly became less intimidating with the arrival of highlighters. These fluorescent markers made important passages stand out, aiding studying and creating colorful masterpieces on notes. Choosing the perfect highlighter shade, from vibrant yellow to soft pink, was a crucial decision for any organized student.

Scented Erasers

These erasers weren’t just for correcting mistakes; they were little bursts of fragrance! From grape soda to bubblegum, scented erasers made erasing a delightful experience. Trading erasers with classmates based on scent was a typical playground activity, and the most unique scents were coveted treasures.

Folders with Pockets

Three-ring binders were great, but folders with pockets offered a more portable solution. These colorful folders held loose papers, permission slips, and important handouts, keeping everything organized and easily accessible throughout the school day. Decorating folders with stickers or drawings allowed students to express their personalities.

Mini Staplers

For those quick paper-clipping emergencies, a mini stapler was a must-have. These compact staplers fit perfectly in a backpack or pencil case, and stapling papers together felt satisfyingly official. Mini staplers often came in fun shapes or bright colors, adding a touch of personality to any desk.

Motivational Sticky Notes

Sticky notes weren’t just for leaving messages; they were colorful reminders to stay focused. Packs featuring inspirational quotes, funny characters, or adorable animals made sticking notes to notebooks or lockers a fun and functional activity. These sticky notes were a constant source of encouragement throughout the school day.

Mini Calculators

For students venturing into the world of math beyond basic addition and subtraction, a mini calculator was a game-changer. These handheld devices, often featuring colorful casings, made solving equations a breeze. The satisfying button clicks and digital displays added a futuristic touch to math class, and mastering the calculator’s functions felt like a badge of honor.

Fun Sharpeners

Sharpening pencils might have been a way to stall, but it was certainly more enjoyable with a fun sharpener. These sharpeners came in all shapes and sizes, from animals to spaceships. Some even played music or dispensed tiny confetti as you cranked the handle. Turning a dull pencil into a sharp point felt like magic, and a fun sharpener made the process even more delightful.

Decorative Rulers

Measuring was more than just practical; it could be artistic, too! Decorative rulers came adorned with vibrant patterns, cartoon characters, or even inspirational messages. These rulers added a touch of personality to geometry class and made measuring lines a little more exciting. Choosing the coolest ruler design was a way for students to express their individuality.

Lunch Bags with Favorite Characters

Lunchtime was even more exciting when your lunch was packed in a bag featuring your favorite cartoon characters or movie stars. From Disney princesses to action heroes, these lunch bags were a way to show off your interests and felt like carrying a little piece of pop culture to school. Trading lunch bag snacks with classmates with different character designs added to the lunchtime fun.

Novelty Pencils

The standard #2 pencil might have been reliable, but novelty pencils offered a touch of whimsy. These pencils came in all shapes and sizes, from bendable ones to those that dispensed mini erasers. Some even sported fun messages or designs on the pencil lead itself. These unique pencils were a conversation starter and a way to stand out from the crowd.

Scented Markers

Not just for coloring, scented markers added a delightful olfactory experience to art class. From juicy fruit to sweet candy, these markers filled the air with pleasant aromas as students created colorful masterpieces. Choosing the perfect scent to match your artwork or mood was a fun part of the creative process.

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