The Best and Worst Deals at Walmart This Month

This month, while Walmart is a go-to for many shoppers, not every deal is the best on the block. From pet food to vacuum cleaners, and from batteries to non-Lego toys, here are some insights into where you might find better value elsewhere. Here’s what to watch out for!

Best Deals

Disposable Razors

Snagging a great shave at a low price? Walmart’s got your spot this month. Check out the Venus Gillette Sensitive Women’s Disposable Razor three-pack—just $7.28. Over at CVS? That’ll be $10.49. Smooth savings indeed, making the switch to Walmart razors a no-brainer for smart shoppers.

Personalized Photo Invitations and Cards

This month, score personalized photo invitations and cards for just 46 cents each at Walmart. That’s a steal compared to other outlets! These items add a personal touch to any occasion, making memories even more special without breaking the bank. Perfect for clever party planners!

Photo Printing

Dive into Walmart’s photo printing deals this month. Grab 4-by-6 prints for only 14 cents each, whether it’s just one or a hundred. Over at CVS? You’re looking at 32 cents per print. This is a perfect deal for those who cherish tangible memories in our digital world.

Coffee and Tea

Walmart brews up incredible deals on coffee and tea in May, with some brands a whopping 27% cheaper. Whether it’s a robust cup of coffee or a soothing tea, Walmart makes it easy to enjoy your favorite beverages without extravagance. Perfect for daily pleasures for hot beverage fanatics.

Wet Cat Food

It’s a savings fiesta at Walmart this month, offering Meow Mix wet cat food for just 58 cents. Cats often prefer wet food for its high moisture content, mimicking their natural prey’s texture. This deal lets your feline feast like a king, keeping both palate and wallet happy!

Laundry Detergent

This May, Walmart is cleaning up with deals on fragrance-free laundry detergents, noted for being pricey due to hypoallergenic formulations. Ideal for sensitive skin, these detergents avoid irritants often found in scented versions. Walmart’s lower prices make it easier to care for your clothes and skin economically.

Indoor Furniture

Better deals for indoor furniture are at Walmart this May. Walk away with bar-height chairs for just $99, while similar styles fetch $299 at Walmart’s massive buying power allows for lower prices than retailers like Article, which focus on unique, higher-cost designs. Great style doesn’t have to be pricey!

Patio Furniture

Walmart is heating up the deals on patio furniture this month. Whether you’re outfitting a cozy balcony or a spacious backyard, options abound. Two- to three-piece sets are a steal under $300, perfect for enjoying the outdoors without emptying your wallet. Get your summer setup ready now!

Athletic Apparel

The retail giant is stepping up its game this May with well-priced athletic apparel. With the Olympic Games on the horizon, enthusiasm for fitness gear spikes. Grab women’s leggings for just $15, a fraction of what you’d pay for competitive brands. Ideal for those inspired to move.

Generic Medication

Walmart offers a budget-friendly option for staying healthy with its generic medications this month. Take Equate’s 200 mg of Ibuprofen, 500 tablets, for just $8.38. Compare that to Advil’s 130 count at $11.53. It’s a smart choice for those seeking effective relief without the steep price.

Worst Deals


With its huge purchasing power, you’d be tempted to turn to Walmart for electronics deals. Surprisingly, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Newegg undercut Walmart’s prices. While mobile phones continue to dominate, they haven’t replaced TVs yet. There’s still a solid demand for bigger screens in homes across America.

Nuts and Seeds

This month, Walmart trails in the race for affordable nuts and seeds. Whole almonds cost about $1.50 more per pound than at Trader Joe’s, and mixed nuts are $1 pricier per bag compared to Aldi. Despite their high nutritional value, better deals are elsewhere.


Walmart might not be your best bet for laptop deals this month. A tiny fraction, less than 1%, of price-checked deals are from Walmart, so finding a bargain there is unlikely. Meanwhile, laptop demand remains high, as they are essential for both work and entertainment in our digital age.


For appliances this month, you might want to skip Walmart. Best Buy, Home Depot, and Lowe’s frequently offer up to 35% off on large appliances. Plus, their delivery services are generally more reliable, giving them an edge for your major home purchases.


This May, Walmart isn’t shining in the battery deals department. A 24-pack of AA Duracell batteries costs $20.78, overshadowed by Costco’s 40-pack for $20.99. For those seeking alternatives, rechargeable batteries offer a sustainable option, reducing waste and often proving more economical over time.


The honey prices at Walmart aren’t the sweetest deal this month. A 12-ounce bottle of Great Value Honey costs $3.94, while Costco offers three 24-ounce bottles of Kirkland brand raw organic honey for $17.99. Choosing Costco could save you around $2 per bottle, keeping your pantry and wallet fuller.

Non-Lego Toys and Board Games

Walmart shines with Lego deals but falls short on other toys and board games this month. For classics like Monopoly and The Game of Life, Amazon offers better prices. Lego’s unique interlocking bricks inspire creativity and complex building, setting them apart in the toy world.

Vacuum Cleaners

Cleaning up on vacuum cleaner prices is not a Walmart strength this May. Better bargains are found at Best Buy, Home Depot, and Lowe’s. Vacuum cleaners, essential for household hygiene, often feature advanced technology like HEPA filters and robotic navigation, making cleaning less of a chore.

Pet Food

Walmart’s pet food prices don’t fetch the best value this month. Amazon’s Subscribe & Save cuts up to 15% off pet food costs. Buying commercial pet food offers convenience and ensures balanced nutrition, tailored to different breeds and health needs, unlike homemade meals.

Straight Talk Wireless

Walmart’s Straight Talk Ultimate Unlimited plan costs $55 for unlimited data, but be wary. Issues with coverage quality, customer service, and compatible phone limitations can dampen its appeal. Excellent customer service can significantly enhance loyalty and satisfaction, making it a key factor for many consumers.

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