Walmart Employees Reveal 8 Secret Tips To Save Money While Shopping There

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? Especially when it’s from a place where most of us shop regularly—like Walmart. When you’re trying to stretch your dollar, it pays to know the insider secrets. Luckily, Walmart employees have shared some golden tips on saving more without sacrificing the goods. Take note of these unbeatable strategies to make your next Walmart trip more wallet-friendly!

Timing is Everything

Did you know shopping early in the morning can lead to unexpected deals? Employees restock overnight, which means you might snag some discounted items from the previous day. We guess the early bird really does get the worm.

Go for the End Caps

The shelves at the end of each aisle, known as end caps, often hold items that Walmart wants to move quickly. These can be deeply discounted. It’s like a treasure hunt, but you’re using your keen eye instead of a map.

Check Out the Clearance Sections

Each Walmart has a clearance section, but it’s not always in the same spot. Take a moment to ask an employee where to find it; they’re usually more than happy to point you in the right direction. Who knows, the next great bargain could be just around the corner!

Price Match Like a Pro

Walmart’s Price Match Policy is golden. If you find a product cheaper at a competitor, bring in the proof, and voila, savings matched! Make sure to have that competitor ad handy, though.

Seek Out Imperfect Produce

Did someone say discount? Slightly imperfect produce can be bought at a lower price. It’s perfect for smoothies or baking, where looks don’t matter. Plus, you’re helping reduce food waste, so it’s a win-win!

Download the Walmart App

Keep the Walmart app on your phone to scan items for secret discounts. Sometimes, the app price is lower than the shelf price. Just show the cashier, and they’ll adjust it. It’s like having a secret price scanner.

Skip the Warranty

Walmart often promotes its warranties for electronics, but skipping them can save you money. Most products come with a manufacturer’s warranty anyway, so that’s a savings tip that can keep a bit more cash in your pocket.

Use Walmart’s Generic Brands

Store-brand products are not only cheaper but also of higher quality than some name-brand products. Why pay more for the same thing? It’s a simple switch that can save big.

Get Social

Follow Walmart on social media for exclusive deals and promotions. Sometimes, they share special coupons or announce flash sales. What a modern way to save!

Look for Price Tags Ending in 7

Items with prices ending in ‘7’ are usually on their final markdown. If you see one, grab it. It doesn’t get cheaper than this. Plus, knowing you’re getting the best deal possible feels good.

Don’t Overlook Returns

The returned items section often has products like new but discounted. These are especially common in electronics and tools. Just because someone else changed their mind doesn’t mean you can’t benefit!

Ask Employees

Don’t be shy; ask Walmart employees when certain items might go on sale. They often have the scoop on upcoming promotions. A friendly question can lead to friendly savings.

Visit Late at Night

Shopping late at night might help you avoid crowds, but it’s also a great time to find markdowns employees apply towards the end of the day. It’s peaceful and profitable!

Watch for Post-Holiday Sales

The best times to shop for decorations, candy, and more are right after the holidays. Prices plummet as Walmart tries to clear out seasonal goods. It’s like the holiday giving keeps on going!

Use Self-Checkout

Using self-checkout can help avoid impulse buys, which are more tempting when a cashier is scanning your items and you’re waiting. It’s a slight change in your routine that can help maintain your budget. Plus, who doesn’t like playing cashier now and then?

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