Four Secrets

Why do you need the Four Secrets!

Why you need the Four Secrets!

Income is the ticket to Financial Independence

Everybody wants a higher income but few are willing to do what it takes.  Don’t blindly follow the hype that entrepreneurship is the ticket to success, it is a risky route.   Are you frustrated by naive career advice in many seminars and websites?  I know I was when looking for a sustainable way to boost my career earnings.  This is not about entrepreneurship or any fast-track route to riches, as there are no short-cuts to lasting success.  This is for the large majority of regular working people who want to increase their job earnings to accelerate their path to financial independence (FI), and get to early retirement if that’s your goal.  

Before we talk about investing or FI, it is essential to focus on your earnings first, as your salary provides the seed capital for your FI journey.  While saving is important, consider that you cannot shrink your way to FI.   For two people with same lifestyle, the one earning even a little more will reach retirement faster…sometimes, much faster.   If you want to save more, then you also have to earn more.  This will show you the path that has worked for me and for several people I know personally.  I have nothing to gain or lose if you follow or choose not to, but I consider sharing this is as part of my own 10 factors journey.  

In another post, I give an example of how being open to moving can easily give you a 25% income jump, which can increase your savings rate by 100% (that is, double it) if you keep the same lifestyle.   This will cut the number of years to FI not by half (in case you are thinking, double the savings = half the time) but to nearly one-third, thanks to the miracle of compounding!  I am not showing the math here as that would deviate from the main message of this post but you can check it yourself using 8% growth rate.   So, instead of working 30 years for FI, you can reach the goal in just 10 years!  Every bit of income you earn from Year 11 onwards can fund your other dreams as your retirement is now secured.  Now that I have your attention on the importance of higher income, let’s see how to earn it the 10! way.

Have you wondered is there a proven risk-free way to increase your earnings from your full-time job?  Yes, there is! I will share a clear and systematic process for you to make more money.  Put another way, you can and should extract your fair share from the business world by earning it the right way.  

Four Secret Steps:  The 10! Way

From my 20-year corporate experience (across 5 countries), where I was promoted from an engineer to manager to director to vice president and youngest division head of a $100 million business and recently, as the company’s head of M&A and alliances, this system works, anywhere in the world.   Master the four secrets and apply them well, and I guarantee you will make more money.  I have synthesized the steps over the past 20 years and have successfully applied it to my own career.  There are no shortcuts in this journey, but this is all you need.   Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint, but the success you earn is much sweeter and lasts your entire life!

I created my original Guide The Four Secrets to understand what’s behind them, how to apply and why it works.   After great feedback for my manuscript by some leading career experts and high-income earners, I was advised to offer this only to clients who work with me and who show real commitment in improving their career earnings.   Without that commitment, they said, it would be wasted on many.   The Four Secrets_cover 

I thought about this and realized they are correct.   The seeker needs to take the first step and show commitment to benefit from the material I have put together.   So, I have decided to offer a bespoke consulting service to help people comprehensively to improve their career earnings and personal finance.  

Making a Difference to YOU

You can contact me here, describing the issue or personal case you have on personal finance and/or challenges you are facing in improving job earnings.  Everything you write will remain 100% confidential with me.   I will reply after studying your case.  You can read about my brief professional background here.

We will schedule a 1 hr. 15 min. Skype/call session to discuss solutions in detail, after the fees are paid (don’t worry, it will be very affordable compared to other career/personal finance consulting services in the market).   After that, we can do email follow-up as you execute the actions and see the improvement in your financial situation.  As part of this service, you will also receive my guide, The Four Secrets, FREE!

My goal here is to help you get at least 500% return on your investment with me! 

If you don’t want a personal consultation, no issue.  I wish you success with all the 10 factors that this site was created about!   Please take time to read any articles that catch your interest.  Also, make it easy on yourself and subscribe for new posts and updates:

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