14 Best Things to Buy at Costco When You’re on Extra Tight Budget

Shopping at Costco can feel like uncovering hidden gems, especially when you’re watching your budget closely. If you want to stretch your dollar further, we’ve prepared a list of the best Costco purchases that offer value and quality. From meal staples to daily essentials, these items are perfect for those aiming to save without sacrificing!

Rotisserie Chicken

Ever walk into Costco and get hit by the aroma of their rotisserie chicken? It’s a steal at just $4.99, providing a fully cooked, seasoned bird ready to eat. It’s perfect for various dishes like chicken salad or enchiladas. Plus, buying a whole chicken is generally cheaper than individual parts.

Organic Eggs

A dozen eggs at Costco might be the best value you can find, especially for organic ones. At around $3.50 per dozen, these eggs are ideal for everything from scrambled eggs to cakes. It’s amazing how many meals you can enhance with a simple egg, isn’t it?

Bulk Rice

A 25-pound bag of rice might seem like a lot, but at around $0.30 per pound, it’s an unbeatable deal for a staple that, when stored properly, has a shelf life of years. Rice is a fantastic base for countless meals, making it a cornerstone of budget-friendly eating.

Frozen Fruit and Vegetables

Frozen produce is less expensive than fresh produce and reduces waste since you only use what you need. Costco’s variety packs, which can include anything from mixed berries to stir-fried vegetables, typically save you about 25% compared to buying fresh. A great tip is to throw some into smoothies or stir-fries.

Signature Peanut Butter

Two 28-ounce jars of this creamy delight will only cost around $10. It’s perfect for peanut butter sandwiches, baking, or even a spoonful straight from the jar. Peanut butter is packed with protein, making it a healthy, filling option on a budget.


Buying oatmeal in bulk at Costco, where a 10-pound bag costs about $8, means breakfast is sorted for weeks at pennies per serving. Oatmeal is high in fiber and can be dressed up with fruits or honey for a hearty start to the day.


Spices can be expensive, but not at Costco. You can save up to 75% on bulk spices compared to grocery store prices. This means you can spice up your meals without draining your wallet, and who doesn’t love flavorful food on a budget?

Signature Nuts

A 2.5-pound bag of mixed nuts might cost around $16, significantly less than similar products at grocery stores. Nuts are a great source of healthy fats and protein, making them ideal snacks or salad toppings. They’re a real lifesaver when you need a quick, nutritious snack.

Pasta and Sauce

A six-pack of pasta and a three-pack of marinara sauce will cost less than $15 total, and they can serve as the foundation for multiple family dinners. Pasta meals are quick, easy, and beloved by everyone. They’re one of those things where simplicity meets satisfaction.


The bakery section offers giant loaves of bread for around $6, which you can slice and freeze to extend their life. Fresh, warm bread is just a toaster away, making it easy to always have bread on hand for sandwiches or toast.


With coffee, you’re looking at around $5 per pound, which is a bargain compared to even the most basic brands at other stores. For those who start their day with coffee, this means more cups for less cash.

Canned Goods

Stocking up on canned goods like beans, tomatoes, and chicken broth can save you about 30% compared to typical grocery store prices. These staples are perfect for quick meals and have a long shelf life, ensuring you’re always ready to whip something up.


Buying cheese in bulk at Costco means paying significantly less per pound than at other retailers. Whether you’re topping burgers, making grilled cheese, or setting up a cheese board, you can do it all without spending a fortune. Cheese adds a touch of luxury to meals without costing a pretty penny.

Toilet Paper

Costco’s Kirkland Signature toilet paper offers about 425 sheets per roll and is priced to compete aggressively with other retailers. With each roll costing cents, it’s one household staple you won’t have to skimp on. Good toilet paper is one of those little things in life that just makes everything better.

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