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It is only money and it grows on trees, according to Cara MacMillan. I read many articles daily and quite a few books every month. Occasionally, I am also sent new book material and manuscripts for review.  I have turned down such requests largely because of time constraints.  But this one was interesting and I wanted to share with you all.

Among the many books about money, Cara MacMillan takes a rather unique route to exploring the attitudes about money among a diverse group of school children. I found this setting interesting.  Through the eyes of kids who come from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, she explores how our attitudes about money are formed very early in life and are heavily influenced by our family, religion and communities we most identify with.  Sound familiar?

While there are many similarities about money – especially the emphasis on charity – across the world’s many faiths and cultures, there are also significant differences.   These differences exist even within the same country.   This explains partly, why every country has a rather familiar bell curve of people on the money success scale.

If you have right attitudes about money and its principles, then it doesn’t matter if you are in India or Indiana, whether you identify yourself as a Christian or Muslim, and whether you identify culturally with America or Armenia.  You are likely to reach financial success in any of those countries and within any cultural and religious boundaries.  It is interesting to see young children voice those formative beliefs about money.   The later chapters offer a simple, and yet practical, guide to taking responsible decisions through a series of pointers about earning and saving money.   While the advice may be a bit naive for seasoned investment experts, for the large number of people out there struggling with personal finance, this book will encourage you to take a little walk down your own formative early years and correct any long-held, self-limiting beliefs about money.

If you are interested how to ‘unlearn’ some of your deep-set, limiting attitudes about money, Cara MacMillan’s new book It’s Only Money will be a great addition to your library.  You can also give it to your family and friends who need to get the money basics right.  It’s available on Amazon.  

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