The Top 20 Bulk Buys at Costco That You Won’t Regret

Costco, the warehouse club known for its massive quantities and unbeatable deals, is a haven for bulk buyers. But with so many options, where do you start? Here’s our list of the top 20 bulk buys at Costco that will save you money and keep your pantry stocked without breaking the bank:

Kirkland Signature Paper Towels (30 Rolls)

A Costco classic, this multi-pack offers incredible value and absorbency, keeping your household running smoothly for weeks.

Kirkland Signature Olive Oil (2 L Bottle)

High-quality olive oil is a kitchen staple. Costco’s giant bottle ensures you always have enough for cooking, baking, and drizzling on salads, all at a fantastic price.

Kirkland Signature Rotisserie Chicken ($4.99)

This legendary deal is a steal. A perfectly cooked rotisserie chicken is a delicious and affordable dinner option, with leftovers for sandwiches or salads.

Frozen Fruit (5 lb Bag)

Keep your freezer stocked with healthy options. Frozen fruits are perfect for smoothies, yogurt parfaits, or baking. Costco’s giant bags offer a great price per ounce.

Kirkland Signature Gallon Ziplock Bags (Box of 200)

From marinating meats to storing leftovers, Ziplock bags are a kitchen essential. This bulk pack ensures you’ll never run out.

Kirkland Signature Toilet Paper (36 Rolls)

Stock up on this ultra-soft, high-quality toilet paper without breaking the bank. The massive pack means fewer trips to the store.

Ground Beef (10 lb Pack)

Costco’s ground beef is perfect for meal prepping. Portion it out and freeze it for easy taco nights, burgers, or lasagna dinners throughout the month.

Canned Beans (Variety Pack, 24 Cans)

A pantry staple, canned beans are a budget-friendly source of protein and fiber. This variety pack offers options for all your favorite recipes.

Rice (20 lb Bag)

A versatile and shelf-stable grain, rice is a great base for countless dishes. Costco’s large bag ensures you’ll have enough for side dishes, casseroles, or quick meals.

Pasta (12 lb Box)

Another pantry staple, pasta is a crowd-pleaser. Costco offers a variety of shapes and sizes in bulk quantities, perfect for pasta salads, soups, or quick dinners.

Nuts (Mixed Nuts, 2 lb Bag)

Keep a healthy snack on hand with a giant bag of mixed nuts. Almonds, cashews, walnuts, and pecans offer a delicious and nutritious option.

Spices (Variety Pack)

Experiment with new flavors with a variety pack of spices from Costco. This is a great way to stock your pantry without buying individual bottles you might rarely use.

Coffee (2.5 lb Bag)

Coffee lovers rejoice! Costco offers high-quality coffee beans in bulk quantities, keeping your mornings fueled at a great price.

Trash Bags (Box of 200)

Never be caught without a trash bag again. This massive box ensures you’re covered for months to come.

Laundry Detergent (Giant Tub)

Laundry detergent is a household necessity. Costco’s large tubs offer significant savings compared to smaller containers at grocery stores.

Paper Plates (Bulk Pack)

Perfect for parties, barbecues, or everyday convenience, a bulk pack of paper plates keeps your kitchen running smoothly and reduces dishwashing.

Aluminum Foil & Plastic Wrap (Twin Pack)

These kitchen essentials are always handy to have on hand. The bulk pack at Costco ensures you’ll never run out.

Frozen Vegetables (Variety Pack, 5 lb Bags)

Stock up on healthy frozen veggies. From broccoli and spinach to peas and mixed veggies, this variety pack offers options for all your favorite dishes.

Canned Tomatoes (Variety Pack, 24 Cans)

A versatile pantry staple, canned tomatoes are a must-have for homemade pasta sauce, soups, stews, and chili. This variety pack offers diced, crushed, and whole tomatoes.

Oatmeal (Quick Oats, 5 lb Canister)

A heart-healthy and budget-friendly breakfast option, quick oats are perfect for a warm and filling start to your day. Costco’s giant canister ensures you’ll have enough for weeks of delicious breakfasts without breaking the bank.

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