20 Cereal Brands from Childhood You Forgot Existed

Do you remember those Saturday mornings glued to cartoons, a bowl of sugary goodness glued to your other hand? Those were the days! No boring oat squares and antioxidant-laden granola here. We’re talking about the breakfast hall of famers, the discontinued delights that once ruled the cereal aisle. Let’s take a sugary trip down memory lane with these 20 forgotten cereal brands that will have you yearning for those simpler times (and maybe a cavity check).

Franken Berry

Boo! This monster-themed cereal boasted pink squares that tasted vaguely of berries and marshmallow bits shaped like bolts and nuts. Loved for its playful Franken Berry mascot and the mystery of the marshmallow bits, this cereal offered a unique breakfast experience that was both a little spooky and a little sweet.

Wacky Packages

Remember the wacky characters adorning these sugary squares? Each bite was an adventure, with chocolate and vanilla squares promising a surprising mix of flavors in every spoonful. The wacky characters on the box added to the fun, making Wacky Packages a breakfast that was both delicious and entertaining.


Promising an out-of-this-world breakfast experience, Kaboom! offered star-shaped pieces in a variety of bright colors. Packed with a sugary, fruit-flavored punch, this cereal was a guaranteed sugar rush to start your day. The name and the colorful, space-themed characters on the box hinted at a breakfast that was exciting and bold.

Hidden Treasures

These corn squares held a delicious secret – a hidden center filled with fruit-flavored goodness (think cherry, orange, or grape). The thrill of the hunt for the hidden center, combined with the inevitable sugar rush, made Hidden Treasures a breakfast favorite for both kids and adults alike.

Sugar Smacks

Toucan Sam’s sugary cereal boasted crunchy squares in a variety of colors and flavors, like cocoa puffs, cinnamon swirls, and honey nuts. Perfect for a sugar-coated start to the day, Sugar Smacks offered a variety that kept kids coming back for more. Toucan Sam’s cheerful character added to the fun, making Sugar Smacks a breakfast that was both tasty and memorable.

King Vitaman

This superhero-themed cereal promised a breakfast packed with vitamins, even if the health benefits might have been a bit exaggerated. The sweetened oat puffs, in a variety of vibrant colors and sometimes sporting tiny capes, were a fun way to start the day. While it might not have given you superpowers, King Vitaman offered a breakfast that was both tasty and visually exciting.

Oops! All Berries

These bite-sized puffs came in an array of berry flavors, offering a sweet and crunchy alternative to traditional flakes. Unlike some other berry-flavored cereals, Oops! All Berries didn’t shy away from the tartness that complemented the sweetness. The bright pink box and playful characters made it a fun choice for kids who loved fruity breakfasts.


While not exactly a complete breakfast, these alphabet-shaped cereal pieces offered a playful way to learn your ABCs. Made from a lightly sweetened wheat cereal, Alpha-Bits were more about fun and education than pure sugary indulgence. Spelling out words in your milk added a layer of entertainment to your breakfast routine.

Cocoa Puffs

These chocolatey puffs were a welcome change from the usual fruit-flavored cereals. Unlike some cocoa cereals that were overly sweet, Cocoa Puffs offered a rich chocolate flavor that wasn’t overpowering. The small, bite-sized puffs were perfect for pouring into a bowl or enjoying by the handful. For many, a bowl of Cocoa Puffs was a delicious way to start a chocolate-loving kid’s day.

Sir Fruity

This knight in shining armor emblazoned on the cereal box, offered a breakfast full of fruity flavor. The colorful squares, in shades of orange, yellow, and red, were packed with fruit punch flavor. Tiny marshmallow bits shaped like swords and shields added a playful touch to this sugary cereal. Sir Fruity might not have been the healthiest breakfast option, but it was undeniably fun and delicious.

Fruity Pebbles

These tiny, brightly colored rice pieces offered a burst of fruity flavor in every spoonful. With a variety of colors representing different fruits (or at least vaguely reminiscent of them), Fruity Pebbles were a fun and colorful way to start the day. The simplicity of the cereal, coupled with the promise of fruity goodness, made it a breakfast favorite for kids of all ages.

Cap’n Crunch

Ahoy there, mateys! Cap’n Crunch offered a crunchy oat cereal with a hint of honey flavor. The real star of the show, however, was the crunchy squares shaped like miniature pirate hats. Kids loved the playful design and the satisfying crunch, making Cap’n Crunch a breakfast adventure on the high seas of the milk bowl.


These small, ring-shaped cereal pieces were light and airy, offering a break from the heavier sugary cereals. Available in a variety of flavors like corn and chocolate, Kix appealed to kids who preferred a simpler breakfast option. The playful characters on the box and the satisfying crunch of the cereal made Kix a breakfast that was both enjoyable and unpretentious.

Apple Jacks

These miniature apple-shaped cereal pieces offered a sweet and slightly tart flavor. Cinamon-coated and crunchy Apple Jacks were a delicious way to incorporate a hint of fruit into your breakfast routine. The fun shapes and the promise of apple flavor made them a popular choice for kids who enjoyed a touch of fruity sweetness without going overboard.

Honey Smacks

Not to be confused with Sugar Smacks (although owned by the same company), Honey Smacks offered a sweeter take on the classic puffed wheat cereal. Coated in a light honey glaze, these golden puffs were a delightful combination of sweetness and crunch. The simple, honey-colored box and the promise of a honey-flavored breakfast made Honey Smacks a timeless breakfast option.

Corn Pops

These spherical corn puffs boasted a variety of bright colors and a mildly sweet flavor. The light and airy texture made them a fun addition to any breakfast bowl. The colorful characters on the box and the promise of a playful cereal experience made Corn Pops a favorite among kids who enjoyed a bit of variety in their breakfast routine.

Super Sugar Crisp

Tony the Tiger may have been all about Frosted Flakes, but for those seeking an even more intense sugar rush, there was Super Sugar Crisp. These golden squares packed a powerful punch of sweetness and were dusted with a sparkly sugar coating that shimmered in the morning light. While not exactly healthy food, Super Sugar Crisp offered a no-frills, pure sugar experience that satisfied sweet tooths everywhere.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

The aroma of cinnamon greeted you as soon as you opened the box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Square-shaped pieces of cereal, designed to resemble miniature pieces of toast, were coated in a sugary cinnamon flavoring that was both sweet and slightly spicy. The perfect breakfast for those who loved the taste of cinnamon rolls, Cinnamon Toast Crunch offered a way to enjoy that flavor in a crunchy cereal form.

Cosmic Planets

These colorful, bite-sized cereal pieces were out of this world! Shaped like planets and stars and boasting an array of fruity flavors, Cosmic Planets offered a breakfast that was both delicious and educational. Kids could learn about the solar system while enjoying a fun and flavorful breakfast cereal. The bright colors and space-themed characters on the box added to the intergalactic breakfast experience.

Smurf Berry Crunch

Remember the little blue Smurfs? Well, they had their own breakfast cereal, too! Smurf Berry Crunch offered purple-colored squares packed with a sweet berry flavor. Tiny marshmallow marshmallows shaped like smurfs added to the fun factor. While the sugary content might have been questionable, Smurf Berry Crunch was a delicious way for kids who loved the Smurfs to start their day.

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