Popular Foods That Are Secretly Causing High Blood Pressure

When it comes to monitoring our health, we often focus on the obvious—like exercising and avoiding obvious junk food. But did you know some of your favorite go-to snacks and meals might secretly be causing your blood pressure to soar? Here’s a rundown of popular foods that are not as innocent as they seem.

Packaged Soups

Surprise! That convenient can of soup could be a salt bomb. Packaged soups often contain high levels of sodium, which is notorious for raising blood pressure. It’s almost like they’re seasoning it with a salt shaker in each can! Think twice next time you’re craving a quick soup fix.

Deli Meats

Cold cuts and cured meats are total comfort foods, but they’re also packed with preservatives and sodium. Consider the salt content if you’re thinking about piling up those slices of turkey or salami. It’s sneaky but significant!

Frozen Pizza

Friday night pizza might need a rethink. Frozen pizzas are convenient, yes, but they’re also loaded with sodium and saturated fats. It’s kind of a double whammy for your heart and blood pressure! Maybe homemade pizza night could be a new tradition?

Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

Sipping on soda or sweet tea? These drinks are high in sugar, which can indirectly lead to blood pressure issues by causing weight gain. It’s a slippery slope from a sweet gulp to a high-pressure situation. Water or unsweetened teas could be a healthier swap.

Red Meat

A juicy steak is hard to resist, but consuming red meat regularly can contribute to hypertension. Try occasionally integrating more poultry or fish into your diet; your arteries might thank you for the variety!

Canned Beans

Beans are a great source of fiber, but canned versions often come soaked in a high-sodium liquid. Giving them a good rinse before use can wash away some unwanted salt. Or better yet, go for dry beans when you can!


Doughnuts are a delightful treat, but they’re also a triple threat with sugar, fats, and flour that can lead to increased blood pressure. Enjoying them in moderation isn’t just good advice; it’s necessary! Try a fruit salad when your sweet tooth calls.


Cheese, especially processed varieties, contain high amounts of sodium and saturated fats. It’s a beloved topping and snack, so this one might hurt a bit. Consider using cheese sparingly or opting for lower-sodium varieties.


Who would’ve thought? Pickles are low in calories, yes, but they are very high in sodium. Maybe don’t pickle everything in your fridge! Fresh cucumbers are a crunchier and healthier alternative.

Chinese Takeout

Chinese cuisine is delicious but can be high in sodium, thanks to sauces and seasonings. It might be worth looking into less salty options or making some dishes at home. Your taste buds and blood pressure will appreciate the lighter touch!

Bottled Salad Dressings

Salad might be your healthy lunch go-to, but bottled dressing could undo all the good. They can be surprisingly high in sodium and sugars. Mixing your own dressing with olive oil and vinegar could be a game-changer.


It makes everything better, but butter is high in saturated fat, which can raise blood pressure. Using spreads like avocado or hummus might be worth a try for a heart-healthier alternative.


Even cereals marketed as healthy can contain high levels of sugar and sodium. Always check the label to ensure you’re eating a good start to your day. Sometimes, simpler is better, like oatmeal with fresh fruit.

Instant Noodles

A college staple, sure, but instant noodles are a quick way to consume your day’s worth of sodium in just one meal. Exploring other quick meals, like quick rice dishes or salads, might be healthier and just as convenient.

Microwave Popcorn

Are these movie night staples mere salt traps? Microwave popcorn packs high levels of sodium and fats. Opting for air-popped popcorn can make a big difference in your snack game. Plus, you can control what goes on top—maybe a sprinkle of nutritional yeast for flavor?

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