11 Vintage Apple Products That Might Be Worth a Fortune

If you or your family have purchased Apple products for decades, you may be eligible for payment. Although they aren’t often inexpensive, Apple goods are recognized for their high quality. And the same holds even more true for used Apple goods. A few vintage Apple products may fetch several hundred or even several thousand dollars. These 11 old Apple items can bring in money for you. This may be an excellent time to organize that attic.

1. Apple-1

The pinnacle of Apple memorabilia is the Apple-1, which Steve Wozniak meticulously crafted in Steve Jobs’ garage. This is more than just a computer—it’s a relic from Silicon Valley history. There were just 200 produced in all, and fewer are still in existence. Frequently offered as kits, these devices may bring up to $500k at auction. Because of its extreme rarity and historical importance, the Apple-1 is a mainstay for serious collectors.

2. The Original iPod

Launched in 2001, the iPod revolutionized music listening and technology, becoming a societal icon. After over two decades, Apple ceased production in 2022, elevating the value of antique iPods. In prime condition, an original iPod could sell for over $100, while a factory-sealed one might garner upwards of $20,000 for collectors.

3. The Original iPhone

In 2007, the original iPhone seamlessly blended a web browser, music player, and phone into one groundbreaking device, setting a new standard for mobile technology. Initially available for $500 with a contract, an unopened original iPhone now commands over $20,000. However, functional secondhand models for under $100 can offer a more accessible slice of tech history.

4. Apple Macintosh

The launch of the Apple Macintosh in 1984 marked a pivotal moment for Apple, introducing a user-friendly, affordable computer that laid the groundwork for future innovations like the MacBook and macOS. The Macintosh’s success, built on lessons learned from the Apple Lisa, established the enduring legacy of “Macs” in computing. Today, original Macintosh computers are highly valued collectibles in the vintage market, celebrated for their historical significance.

5. iBook G3

The iBook accomplished for laptops what the iMac did for desktops. When it was released in 1999, the iBook G3 attracted attention, unlike any other laptop. Known by many as the “clamshell,” it stands out from other laptops both then and now. Its rounded design and vivid plastic accents shout the late 90s or early 2000s. It’s so lovely because it’s so awful.

6. LaserWriter

In the mid-80s, Apple launched the LaserWriter, priced at $6,995 (now $19,836), making a bold statement in the printing industry. This wasn’t just any printer; it was the first to offer network capabilities and professional print quality aimed squarely at the business market. Featuring Adobe Systems’ PostScript language, it revolutionized desktop publishing. Despite its initial high price, later reduced to $5,000, the LaserWriter remains a significant piece of Apple’s history.

7. Newton

The Newton marked Apple’s adventurous foray into handheld computing, debuting at $6,995, which adjusts to nearly $20,000 today. It wasn’t just innovative for its time; it was revolutionary, making desktop publishing and network printing widely accessible. The introduction of Adobe’s PostScript language through Newton set a new benchmark in technology. Even with a price cut to $5,000, the Newton remains an iconic collectible, embodying a key moment in tech evolution.

8. Power Mac G4 Cube

Apple’s Power Mac G4 Cube, with its stunning design and initial price of $1,799 ($3,188 today), struggled in the market despite its beauty. By 2001, its price dropped to $1,299, paving the way for the Mac Mini series. The Cube’s legacy lives on through the Mini, which, starting at $599, offers a more affordable and compact computing solution without compromising design.

9. MacBook

The early 2000s MacBook set a trend with its glossy white finish, a hallmark of cool tech gadgets. Priced at $1,099 ($1,658 today), it featured a 1.83 GHz Intel “Core Duo” processor, a 13-inch widescreen display, and modern conveniences like a built-in iSight camera and Bluetooth. The MacBook started a legacy that continues to dominate the laptop world.

10. Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro, launched at $300 ($546 today), changed the game for filmmakers with its comprehensive editing, compositing, and effects suite. Dubbed a “post-production studio in a box,” it offered a professional software package at a single price point. Over the years, it has evolved with additional features, remaining a staple in the video editing industry.

11. AirPort

The AirPort, starting at $299 ($544 today), was Apple’s entry into wireless networking, offering users a choice between the AirPort Base Station and an AirPort card for Macs. It catered to 802.11b connections and set a new standard for wireless connectivity. The AirPort’s innovative approach to networking continues to influence how we connect to the internet wirelessly.

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