Household Items You Didn’t Know Have Expiration Dates

Peeking behind your pantry door or under the sink might reveal some secrets about items we often overlook. Here’s a glimpse into the world of everyday objects that, surprisingly, come with their own shelf life, ensuring your home remains a safe haven.


While not harmful past their prime, spices lose their potency and flavor after about 1-3 years. That jar of paprika from 2015? It’s more dust than flavor now.


Dentists recommend swapping them out every 3-4 months. Bristles that have seen better days can’t fight plaque effectively.

Fire Extinguishers

They typically last 5 to 15 years. Check the gauge or consult the manufacturer to ensure it’s ready to battle blazes.

Power Strips

Over time, they wear out and can’t protect your gadgets from power surges. Replacing them every few years can save you from bigger losses.


After 1-2 years, they can become a haven for dust mites and lose their shape. Fresh pillows ensure a better night’s sleep and healthier breathing.

Perfumes and Colognes

Opened bottles are best within 1-3 years. After that, the fragrance may alter, turning your signature scent into something less appealing.


Their effectiveness dwindles after about 3 months. For a germ-free home, keep them current.

Water Filters

To continue enjoying clean water, change filters every 2-6 months, depending on usage and type.


Effective for about three years. After that, it might not provide the protection your skin needs from harmful rays.

Running Shoes

After 300-500 miles, their shock absorption diminishes, increasing the risk of injury. Tracking your mileage can keep your feet happy.

Plastic Storage Containers

Over time, they can degrade and leach chemicals into food. If they’re warped or scratched, it’s time for a refresh.

Laundry Detergent

Liquid forms can lose their effectiveness after 6 months, while powders can last up to a year. For clean clothes, keep an eye on the purchase date.

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