How Are You Dealing With Inflation?

how are you dealing with inflation?

Inflation is affecting everything. How are you dealing with it?

How are you dealing with inflation? Inflation is at the top of the news cycle right now, and it’s affecting everything from food to fuel. How is your budget holding up during these turbulent times?

Daily Expenses

We’ve seen a rise in expenses in many parts of our budget. Here are a few any how we are dealing with them.

Fuel is probably the most noticeable expense that has risen dramatically in the past few months. We are using my truck only when needed, and we’ve been driving much less than we used to. We’re also buying gas at places like Sam’s Club and using a few Apps to find cheaper fuel prices.

Groceries is another category where prices have been on the rise. We have been buying in bulk and shopping at discount grocers when possible.

Luckily debt hasn’t been an issue, since neither of us have any variable rate debts. The only debt is the mortgage, and it is a fixed rate.

Other expenses like utilities have thankfully not risen in our house. I’m sure that will change, but for now I’m paying about the same for monthly recurring bills.

Action Steps

Besides the above, one of the things that I did a few months ago was to get a part time job. I’m earning about $500 a month. The income boost has definitely lessened the pain of the current environment.

I have also been fortunate to have received a promotion at work recently, so that will be another boost to income.

Wrapping Up

How are you dealing with inflation? We’ve had to make some changes and cut back on a few things, but fortunately income is up. Things could be much worse. Share below how inflation is affecting you.

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