Pain at the Pump. Save Money on Filling Up

pain at the pump

There are ways to save money at the gas station

If you drive, then you are probably experiencing some pain at the pump. Gas prices have skyrocketed in recent months and filling up has gotten considerably more expensive. Short of trading in your car for something more fuel efficient, is there anything you can do to save some money with your current vehicle? Here are a few ideas.

Keep up on Maintenance

Keeping up on routine maintenance can help your fuel economy. Simple things like changing your oil routinely, making sure your air filter is clean, and checking your tire pressure often, are all some simple ways to increase your MPG.

Switching to full synthetic oil might help your fuel economy, since synthetics tend to help reduce friction. Other aftermarket solutions like a reusable air filter may also help your vehicle’s efficiency.

Declutter Your Car

If your car is filled with clutter, then clean it out. You might be hauling around an extra 20 to 50 pounds of belongings. More weight means less efficiency. Make it a point to keep your car clean and free of clutter.

Slow Down

Driving the speed limit, not doing hard starts or stops, and not driving aggressively will do wonders to keep your fuel usage lower. Not only that, but it will stress the components of your car less, which in turn will decrease wear and tear. It’s also much safer.

Plan Your Trips

Combining errands can help unnecessary trips in your car. If you must go to the grocery store, then maybe it would also be a good time to go to the hardware store, the post office, and the bank. Some simple preplanning can eliminate the need to make multiple trips in your car. Less driving means less fuel usage.

Fuel Apps, Rewards, and Cash Back

There are several apps out there that can help you save at the pump. Gas Buddy is a common one. You can search by fuel type and distance to find the cheapest gas prices. Just beware that other users update the information, so it may not always be accurate.

You might be able to earn credit towards fuel from your grocery store. If it makes financial sense to take advantage of these programs, then you can save considerable money at the pump.

Many credit cards offer cash back, and many are geared towards gasoline purchases. You can find a card that’s right for you and reap some savings.

Final Thoughts

You are probably experiencing some pain at the pump if you are driving right now. What proceeds are all some ways to help you save some money on fuel. While one of them alone will add up to much, combining several of them will probably make enough of a difference for you to notice. Filling up is painful right now. Use a few of the above ideas or some of your own to take away some of the sting.

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