What are Some Stocks That Have Consistently Paid Dividends?

What are some stocks that have consistently paid dividends?

Some companies have paid dividends for well over 100 years and counting.

What are some stocks that have consistently paid dividends? If you are a fan of dividend stocks and enjoy the income that they provide, then looking to stocks with a long track record of payouts should be at least a part of what you look to invest in. Here are some of the longest running dividend payers that are currently out there.

Dividend Kings

One of the best places to look for long-term dividend payers is to analyze stocks on the Dividend Kings list. What is a dividend king? Simply, a dividend king is a company that has raised its dividend payout for at least 50 consecutive years.

Keep in mind that the list of dividend kings does change, and nothing is guaranteed, but any company that has weathered the ups and downs in the company for at least a half century is worth further analysis.

There are currently 46 companies on the list of dividend kings. Here are the longest payers on that list.

American States Water

American States Water (AWR) is a holding company that has segments in water, electricity, and contracted services. Operating out of California, this company has been raising its dividend for the past 67 years. The current yield is 1.76% with a share price around $90.

Northwest Natural

Northwest Natural (AWR) is another holding company that provides natural gas services in Oregon and Washington states. They also provide some water and wastewater services. In a tie for first place, this company has also been raising their dividend payout for the past 67 years. Currently, the stock is trading around $45 per share and is yielding 4.35%.

Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble (PG) is a household name selling packaged products across multiple segments in over 180 countries. Their product lines are in health and beauty, grooming, fabric and home, baby, feminine, and family care. With a 66-year track record of increasing their dividend payout they are worth a look. Currently, the company has a share price of $152 per share with a yield of 2.48%.

Long Running Payers

Remember, for a stock to be a dividend king it needs to have at least a 50-year track record of raising its dividend payments. But not all companies raise their payments annually. As a result, there are companies out there with a much longer history of making dividend payments. Here are a few to consider.

York Water

York Water (YORW) is a water utility company operating water purification, wastewater treatment, and water distribution in the state of Pennsylvania. The company holds the title of the longest running continual annual payer of dividends. It has been paying its dividend consistently since 1816, or the past 207 years.

Not many people have heard of this company due to its small size, but it may be worth a look if consistent and reliable payment are what you are after. The secret to York’s success is its business model. Water usage doesn’t change much no matter what economic conditions are, so the company has been able to weather nearly every possible scenario with consistent payouts. The stock is currently trading around $43 per share and is yielding 1.88%.


ExxonMobil (XOM) is an energy company primarily engaged in the exploration and extraction of oil and gas. Originally known as Standard Oil, the company has been paying a dividend since 1882 or over 140 years.

The company has been able to navigate over a century of economic booms and busts by owning processes both upstream and downstream in the oil and gas industries. This allows it to control inputs and outputs better than some of its peers, which in turn creates a stable business unit. Currently, the stock trades at $105 per share and yields 3.47%.


What are some stocks that have consistently paid dividends? A good place to start is by studying stocks that are considered dividend kings. Another good place to look for long-term payers is to simply look at companies with long track records of consistently paying dividends. As always, do your own research before investing in anything. Just because a company has paid a dividend for a long time doesn’t mean that it will continue to do so.

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