What Can You do if You Accidently Paid Taxes Twice?

What can you do if you accidentally paid taxes twice? You’d think it would be hard to pay taxes twice, but it can happen. There are endless stories online of people doing this very thing. No matter how you double-paid on your taxes, you will probably want your money back. Here are a few things that you can do.


Inaction is usually not a good strategy with most things, but simply doing nothing in the case of double paying your taxes just might work out. Often, the IRS will recognize that you double-paid and issue you a refund.

Contact Them

Whether Federal, State, or local, calling the tax collecting body that you double paid is good practice. Keep calling until you can speak to someone and explain what happened. Be prepared to provide personal information, so have your tax records in front of you before calling.

Get Help

Having a tax professional in your corner can be a valuable resource in a situation like this. If you have your taxes prepared by a tax service or by a CPA, then you could have them do the legwork for you if you managed to double pay.


What can you do if you accidentally paid taxes twice? You do have options in this case. Whether you choose to do nothing, try to resolve it yourself, or seek professional help, you can get a refund issued for your double payment. Double paying isn’t the end of the world, but it could teach you a valuable lesson to be more careful going forward.

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