Masters Degrees That Are Now Completely Worthless, According to New Research

New studies have revealed a growing trend, showing that some master’s degrees are almost obsolete. Despite their previous popularity and reputations, these degrees are becoming worthless and unworthy of your financial resources. The shifting nature of relevant industries and the dwindling relevance of some degrees have rendered them almost useless.

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing

These days, the best you could get from an MFA in Creative Writing is a student loan debt. Degree holders currently struggle to make it as the publishing industry dwindles. Writers with this education often find themselves holding low-paying positions if they opt for a career in that line.

Master’s in Art History

You could face tough times in the future if you choose to pursue this degree. In the past, it guaranteed you a gateway to museum curator roles or academic careers. However, this is no longer the case, and you would be lucky to find a museum job with this.

Master’s in Music

Hitting the right notes with a master’s in music is almost impossible today. It previously guaranteed you a teaching or performance role. Industry shifts toward talented musicians have made this degree useless. You could find yourself with no job or an unrelated low-paying job with this.

Master’s in Philosophy

This degree would guarantee you deep academic exploration and a job in the education sector. Today, any holder of this degree will tell you that they’re struggling to make it with this education. Colleges are even defunding departments offering it. You’ll be lucky enough to land a related job.

Master’s in Anthropology

If you are not getting this degree for the fun of it, please let it pass. The fieldwork opportunities that made it lucrative are almost extinct. Besides, only experienced scholars are preferred for the few opportunities that are still available. You stand no chance for employment with this degree.

Master’s in Women’s and Gender Studies

While gender debates are raging now, a Master’s in Women’s and Gender Studies will still not guarantee your relevance. Once a leading course in meaningful advocacy and academic roles, it no longer gives you a desirable ROI. With massive funding cuts and shrinking job offers, you’re wasting time pursuing this.

Master’s in Communications

The communications industry has evolved dramatically over the years, so the Master’s in Communications might not be worth the hype anymore. The industry has evolved, favoring practical experience and digital skills over academic credentials. An influencer who dropped out of high school will earn more than you today.

Master’s in Interior Design

The interior design industry is another of the industries that has shifted massively. It now favors practical experience and innovativeness over advanced education. Talented and experienced interior designers with no academic papers will definitely get jobs ahead of you. It’s a waste of resources to acquire this degree.

Master’s in Liberal Arts

Pursuing a Master’s in Liberal Arts will not take you anywhere in the 21st century. Specialized skills have taken over the industry, and education no longer counts. As a graduate, you’ll find yourself earning less in an unrelated role. This degree will give you little to no returns on investment.

Master’s in Theater Arts

Theater performance would still earn you your dream salary. However, this will only be based on your talent and not your academic qualifications. The degree has become useless as the entertainment industry shifts to practical talent and digital content. There are almost no job opportunities for people with this degree.

Master’s in Journalism

Digital skills and practical experience have taken over the journalism industry. It no longer matters how educated you are. Provided you have the talent and relevant skills; you’ll get a job. It makes no sense to pursue a Master’s in Journalism; it doesn’t take you anywhere in the job market.

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