An Ode To The Cubicle Worker

This is your swan song, so get in the mood.

Over the last 7 years, the sheer number of personal finance blogs that have appeared (including this one) is creating a ‘FIRE movement’ online.  Many cubicle workers are getting inspired to join this journey. Soon enough, paid work will get re-defined to such a level that the sea of cubicles may become extinct.  Anticipating the waning days of the cubicle worker, I wrote this poem for your reading pleasure.  

‘Twas when harried mornings were spent on roads

Honking and screaming at fellow crawlers and toads

Working at a faceless outfit while updating your Facebook

Envying the sunlight and fresh air of an old market souk.


Inane meetings, soulless reports and points without power

You do endure, to keep your 36 square feet of space to cower

Boss hurls words of hurt, sarcasms by the hundred

You do endure, keeping faith on the S&P five hundred


Reality bites, bills to be paid, need to please the boss

You smile and flower him with words, though he could use a floss

Want to buy a new car, upgrade the kitchen and take a vacation

The price paid for all the above is your mental altercation


Hey, what happened, wonders the spirited child in you

Since when, it pines, have you become so askew?

Timeless memories and beautiful sights beckon above the crater

But not, of course, to an anxiously bound cubicle worker.


Cubicle worker, your day will soon arrive, have no ire

Learn how to save and invest, claim your right to FIRE

The promised path is less-traveled but works a wonder

Till then, your prison and your boss are only a hinder.


Hope you like it….

And you thought this website is only about financial independence and math geekery? 😊

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