12 Classic Candy Bars From the ’70s That Everyone Loved

The 1970s were a sweet spot in candy history, with funky flavors and fun packaging mirroring the decade’s vibrant culture. Let’s rewind to those carefree days and unwrap the sugary nostalgia of these beloved candy bars. Ready to indulge in a bit of tasty time travel?

Marathon Bar

Remember needing a solid minute to munch through a Marathon Bar? With its length and intricate braided design, this bar was all about enjoying caramel coated in smooth milk chocolate. It was a hit for anyone who believed good things should last longer than your average candy bar.

Charleston Chew

“Stretch it out!” That’s what you’d hear right before someone enjoyed a Charleston Chew, famous for its elastic texture, especially when frozen. This bar featured a sweet vanilla nougat enveloped in a thin chocolate layer. Its unique texture transition from chewy to crunchy when chilled made it a favorite trick among candy lovers.

Cadbury’s Aztec

Dive into the rich history of the Aztec bar, which offered a decadent blend of nougat and caramel under a solid chocolate shell. It might have been named after ancient treasures, but its taste was anything but history during its heyday. Sadly, it vanished like a lost civilization from shelves in the late ’70s.

Zero Bar

Standing out with its silver wrapper and white fudge exterior, the Zero Bar was a cool choice for those who dared to be different. Inside, a mix of almond nougat and caramel provided a sweet contrast. It was the bar of choice for those who loved a twist on the traditional.

Laffy Taffy

Laffy Taffy wasn’t just candy—it was a laugh factory! Each wrapper featured a joke, making this chewy confection a pocket-sized entertainment piece. Its variety of fruity flavors made it as versatile as it was delightful, sticking around in memories and sometimes in hair.


Feel like a star with every bite of a Starbar, a fusion of peanuts, caramel, and nougat—generously cloaked in milk chocolate. It was the kind of snack that could brighten your day and make you feel glamorous, even if you were just lounging at home.

Sky Bar

The Sky Bar was the ultimate sampler: one bar, four fillings—caramel, vanilla, peanut, and fudge. Deciding where to start was a delicious dilemma. This candy bar was like the variety show of the chocolate world!

Caravelle Bar

The Caravelle Bar was a crisp, chewy spectacle, with crispy rice and caramel wrapped in rich milk chocolate. It was the kind of bar that made noise as you bit into it, a satisfying crunch that echoed its deliciousness.

Reggie! Bar

Launched in honor of Reggie Jackson, the Reggie! Bar was a heavy hitter in the candy lineup. Loaded with caramel and peanuts covered in chocolate, it was like snagging a home run with every bite. Especially popular during baseball season, it was a fan favorite at stadiums.

Powerhouse Bar

The Powerhouse Bar lived up to its energizing name. Packed with peanuts, caramel, and fudge enveloped in chocolate, it was designed to fuel the most strenuous days. A bite of this bar was like a burst of power—just what you needed to keep going.

$100,000 Bar (now known as 100 Grand)

Feeling rich was easy with a $100,000 Bar in your hand. It mixed crunchy crisped rice with lavish caramel, all encased in milk chocolate. It’s a taste of luxury that’s still enjoyed today, proving some things really do get better with age.

Curly Wurly

Imported from the UK, the Curly Wurly offered a playful twist on the standard candy bar with its spiraled caramel covered in chocolate. It was a fun, messy treat perfect for slow savoring—just try not to get it stuck in your teeth!

Walnut Whip

More than just a candy bar, each Walnut Whip was a sophisticated concoction of chocolate swirls and a fluffy mousse center crowned with a single walnut. It was as elegant as a candy could get, often saved for special occasions or as a luxurious treat.


True to its name, the Chunky bar was a substantial snack. It combined hefty pieces of nuts and raisins with solid milk chocolate. For those who liked their candy robust and fulfilling, Chunky was the go-to option.


If you loved a good crunch, Krackel was your candy bar. Known for its crisp rice embedded in milk chocolate, it added a pop and sizzle to every bite. It was always the highlight of Halloween hauls and birthday party goody bags.

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