19 Disturbing Things Found in People’s Attics and Basements

Exploring the unseen corners of a new home can unearth secrets buried by time, ranging from intriguing to downright eerie. Here are 19 tales from the depths of Reddit that showcase some of the most disturbing finds in people’s attics and basements.

Bunker of Spiders

u/Colombianthunder shared a chilling discovery beneath their house: a hidden bunker teeming with spiders, captured through a crack in the door. The image alone was enough to fuel nightmares, leaving them to joke about the last person brave enough to venture down.

Fungal Spider Corpse

When u/sleepynatt found a dead spider in their basement, covered in a strange white fungus, they learned it was the work of Cordyceps. The thought of burning down the house seemed like a reasonable reaction to such a macabre scene.

Antique Doll Congregation

u/ohhhjamie faced an inheritance nightmare with their aunt’s collection of hundreds of antique dolls. While some see value, Jamie sees a horror movie setpiece waiting to spring to life.

Cryptic Polaroid

u/AceFloresX found an old Polaroid in their vacation home’s attic, ominously marked, “Do you see him?” The implied presence unseen in the photo sends shivers down the spine, with the promise of a too-late revelation.

Chopped Children’s Hair Braids

Inside an apothecary chest purchased by u/CyborgStranger’s wife, they found a drawer filled with children’s hair braids. The fine line between a sweet memento and a haunting relic was thoroughly blurred.

Knife Room

Discovering a room filled with knives, u/Zer0323 was introduced to their new home’s most unnerving feature. CaliTheRogue’s advice ominously suggested losing sleep over the hidden secrets such a room might hold.

Roach-Infested Toilet

u/outragusreee found their grandmother’s toilet overrun with roaches, a supposedly normal aftermath of heavy rain. The normalcy of such a discovery in the family home added a layer of horror to an already unsettling find.

Oozing Slime Mold

u/ecanem63 encountered what looked like a blood clot oozing on a light switch, later identified as slime mold. The grotesque, living blemish added a touch of the alien to an ordinary switch.

Doll-Filled Bathroom

Visiting a lady’s home, u/Stuckinthedays was directed to a bathroom adorned with antique dolls staring back from the wall. The setting, straight out of a horror film, was enough to make anyone think twice about lingering.

‘Stabbin Cabin’ Bedroom

An Airbnb named the ‘Stabbin Cabin,’ complete with walls adorned with saws and farm tools, was shared by u/beenzthemagicalfroot. The decor promised a sleepless night on an isolated island, ripe for horror movie fodder.

Death Mask Discovery –

Beneath their bedroom floor, u/claraclara000 found a death mask, sparking immediate intrigue and a touch of dread. This face from the past, possibly left as a student prank, now watches over the home.

Creepy Basement Wall Inscription

In a house with a history stretching back to 1817, u/rogu2 discovered a wall inscription asking, “What’s a place like this doing to a nice girl like you?” The phrase, both flirtatious and ominous, hints at stories the home’s walls could tell.

The Sealed Demon Box

u/Brett_Kelman found what looked like a demon’s box, bolted and sealed beneath the stairs. Jimmy31733’s advice to never open it echoed the sentiments of any seasoned horror enthusiast.

A Room Full of Nightmares

Staying in a friend’s doll-filled house, u/the_lirio encountered a room where it seemed “those bitches move at night.” A setting where daylight’s comfort turns to terror as the sun sets.

The Blocked Hidden Room

A shelf discreetly blocking a secret basement room was discovered by a deleted user, igniting imaginations about what horrors or treasures it might hold. The dogs’ aversion only added to the mystery, urging a strong stance against curiosity.

Tornado Reveals Unknown Doll

u/Beardicus223 shared how a tornado’s aftermath brought a mysterious doll into their parents’ lives, never seen before but now a permanent, unsettling fixture in their living room, perhaps taking nightly strolls.

Corset and Braid Keepsakes

Another deleted user found an old corset and a chopped braid in a chest, relics that straddle the line between touching remembrance and eerie souvenir, perhaps stirring spirits.

Crawl Space Plea for Help

Carved into their parent’s crawl space floor, u/Tyoung1110 found a desperate “Help me,” unseen for over 25 years, suggesting a ghostly presence or a long-ago cry for help.

Ceiling Message: ‘I’m under the bed’

The faint, glow-in-the-dark message found by u/taymhaston in a bedroom plays on every childhood fear, turning the room into a place of whispered threats and imagined dangers lurking just out of sight.

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