Everything Coming to Hulu and Disney+ in May 2024

May is just around the corner, and Hulu and Disney+ are gearing up to deliver a powerhouse lineup of captivating content to keep viewers glued to their screens. With that in mind, we’re offering a sneak peek at what’s in store. Settle in because the entertainment extravaganza is about to begin!

Shardlake – Season 1 (May 1)

It’s 1536, and lawyer Matthew Shardlake’s world is upended by a fateful assignment from Thomas Cromwell: investigate a mysterious death at the distant Scarnsea monastery. Starring Arthur Hughes and Anthony Boyle, “Shardlake” brings to life the gripping Tudor murder mystery series based on C.J. Sansom’s acclaimed novels. Set in 16th-century England amid the dissolution of the monasteries, this four-part drama promises an eerie and immersive whodunnit adventure.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch – Season 3 (May 1)

In the thrilling conclusion of “Star Wars: The Bad Batch,” the Batch faces their toughest challenges yet. As Omega confronts her own struggles in a distant Imperial lab, the group must rally together to reunite with her. With threats looming from every corner, they’ll need to forge new alliances, tackle perilous missions, and draw upon all their skills to break free from the Empire’s grasp.

The Contestant (May 2)

“The Contestant” immerses viewers in the astonishing true tale of Tomoaki Hamatsu, known as Nasubi, who unwittingly became the star of a national TV called “Denpa Shonen: A Life in Prizes” broadcast in Japan. For 15 months starting in 1998, over 15 million viewers tuned in weekly to witness his surreal journey as he endured isolation, hunger, and bareness, all while unaware of his celebrity status.

Prom Dates (May 3)

In “Prom Dates,” childhood friends Jess and Hannah are determined to fulfill their long-standing pact for the perfect prom. However, their plans crumble when they each part ways with their dates just 24 hours before the big night. With time ticking away, they find new companions and salvage their dreams. Directed by Kim O. Nguyen, this comedic race against the clock unfolds amidst a bustling release date alongside 16 other films, including “The Fall Guy” and “I Saw The TV Glow.”

Star Wars: Tales of the Empire (May 4)

“Star Wars: Tales of the Empire” invites viewers on a six-episode adventure through the formidable Galactic Empire. Follow two warriors, each with their own journey, as they navigate through different eras. Witness young Morgan Elsbeth’s quest for vengeance after losing everything, alongside former Jedi Barriss Offee’s struggle to adapt in a rapidly changing galaxy.

Monsters At Work – Season 2 (May 5)

In the second season of “Monsters at Work,” Tylor’s journey as a Jokester and his bond with Val are put to the ultimate test. Reprising their roles, Billy Crystal and John Goodman return as Mike Wazowski and James P. “Sulley” Sullivan, joined by Ben Feldman as Tylor Tuskmon, Mindy Kaling as Val Little, and Henry Winkler as Fritz. Additionally, guest stars from the franchise include Aubrey Plaza, Nathan Fillion, and Bobby Moynihan, adding to the excitement of this beloved Disney and Pixar universe.

Black Twitter: A People’s History (May 9)

From “Insecure” producer Prentice Penny comes a thought-provoking exploration of Black Twitter’s cultural significance in a groundbreaking three-part documentary series. Based on Jason Parham’s celebrated WIRED article, the series delves into the rise, movements, voices, and memes that have solidified Black Twitter as a powerful presence in American political and cultural landscapes.

Past Lies – Season 1 (May 10)

“Past Lies” uncovers the story of a group of women whose lives get turned upside down when the body of a high school friend, missing for 25 years, is found. It all began during their senior trip to Mallorca. Now, their once-calm lives are full of chaos as they face old secrets and a mystery that won’t stay buried. Get ready for a gripping tale of friendship, deception, and the power of the past to shape the present.

Queen Rock Montreal (May 15)

Experience the legendary energy of Queen’s unforgettable 1981 concerts in Montreal, showcasing electrifying performances by Freddie Mercury and the band. On May 15, “Queen Rock Montreal” premieres globally on Disney+, marking the first concert film enhanced with Imax Enhanced sound by DTS. Originally released in theaters in January, the remastered concert became Imax’s top exclusive event.

Uncle Samsik – Season 1 (May 15)

Journey to 1960s Korea in this captivating series as ambitious Kim San and enigmatic Uncle Samsik team up to change their country’s fate. Kim San dreams of a brighter future and catches the eye of Pak Doochill, also known as Uncle Samsik, a shady figure willing to do whatever it takes to achieve success. Despite their differences, they join forces in a precarious partnership, facing challenges and complexities in their quest for prosperity.

Chief Detective 1958 –  Season 1 (May 22)

Take a thrilling trip to 1950s Korea with detective Park Yeonghan, played by Lee Je-Hoon. He’s determined to catch a dangerous criminal with his team before it’s too late. Park gets really mad when he sees people being treated badly. He works with other detectives to solve the case. This show is a new version of an old one called Chief Inspector.

The Kardashians – Season 5 (May 23)

Season 5 of “The Kardashians” premieres on May 23, promising another rollercoaster ride with Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall, and Kylie. Fans can expect to see the famous family juggling fame, family, and everything in between. From big-screen projects to baby joy, the Kardashians will share their daily adventures in this exciting new season. With momager Kris Jenner keeping a close eye on things, viewers can look forward to witnessing the ongoing growth of the Kardashian-Jenner empire.

Lainey Wilson: Bell Bottom Country (May 29)

Discover the inspiring story of Grammy-winning country star Lainey Wilson in a heartfelt documentary special led by award-winning journalist Robin Roberts. Follow her incredible journey from a small-town farm girl to a Nashville sensation. In collaboration with Hulu, ABC News Studios presents “Lainey Wilson: Bell Bottom Country.” This partnership continues the trend of documentary-style specials exploring country music’s crossover into the mainstream.

Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted – Season 4 (May 28)

On this culinary odyssey, Gordon Ramsay traverses the globe in search of extraordinary flavors and inspiration. With six captivating episodes, he leads viewers on an epic journey to remote corners of the world, uncovering hidden culinary gems along the way. From bustling markets to secluded villages, the English chef’s quests promise to tantalize taste buds and ignite culinary creativity like never before.

Jim Henson Idea Man (May 31)

Celebrate the creative genius of puppetry icon Jim Henson, renowned for bringing beloved characters from “The Muppet Show,” “Fraggle Rock,” “Sesame Street,” and more to life with his unique humor and heart. Mark your calendars for May 31 as Disney+ unveils “Jim Henson Idea Man,” a captivating documentary directed by Oscar winner Ron Howard. Dive into the extraordinary legacy of Jim’s imagination and innovation, promising a nostalgic journey through the magical worlds he brought to life on screen.

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