Happy Factorial 2017!

Dear Readers, Subscribers & Casual Visitors,

2016 was an eventful year.   We’ve seen a lot this year around the world:

  • The triumph of a trumpeting voice in the West, with the dollar being almighty
  • A kingdom not so united in Europe, leaving others to question their own un-union
  • A sea of humanity fled their homes in the Middle East, raising moral questions everywhere
  • The largest democracy trying to go cash-less in Asia while attempting to stem corruption
  • The world’s manufacturing engine stuttered in the Far East while wreaking havoc on others
  • Things mined out the ground weren’t as valuable Down Under as they once were.  
  • And the U.S. stock market living its utopian dream, ignoring all the above.  

Nationalism beating out Globalization has been the larger theme behind most of the world events in 2016. 

That about wraps it up for the year around the world, right?  

Thank you all for being here – this website has now become a 6-month baby! Ten Factorial Rocks (TFR) has a simple slogan:  

Save money. Avoid traps. Invest well. Find meaning!

But TFR goes beyond personal finance.  I hope you see us as a means of self-empowerment amidst a sea of confusion. TFR covers what the mainstream often doesn’t.  Some talk about taking the road less traveled, but sometimes even that is questioned here.  TFR loves FIRE but don’t want to be burned by it!  We don’t rebel without a cause and don’t claim to be mavericks just to appear cool.  We try to be the bridge between the millennials and the boomers – media describes people of our ilk as ‘sandwich’ generation or simply, Gen X.   We hope our topics are of interest to all generations.  Along the way, TFR also tries to un-spin the spin behind news and other developments that affect your pursuit of financial freedom and happiness, however you have defined that word to mean.  

Hope you enjoyed reading all the articles so far.  We’ve come a long way but there is lots more to come!

The concept of a Factorial effect that we believe in is basically an extension of the following broad idea: Two good things can combine give you much greater benefits than either one alone.  In other words, 1 + 1 should be greater than 2 in our book.  So, 10 good things aren’t just 11% better than 9 good things (10 being 11% higher than 9 is old math!). Our Factorial math says they should be 10 times better, if you choose the right good things!  

Happy Factorial 2017!   We wish you all and your loved ones a great new year, one where your factorial dreams come true.  Journey safely, 10! friends.

With best wishes,

The TFR Family


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4 comments on “Happy Factorial 2017!”

  1. By FinanciaLibre

    Congrats on the big-6, 10! I like the 2016 summation – well, I like your coverage of it, I should say…

    It looks like 2017 will be an interesting year for many corners of the globe. I think we’ll just have to hope the good trends continue and the not-so-good ones at least bend a little.

    Here’s to a (hopefully) great 2017 for the entire 10! crew!

  2. By The Green Swan

    Congrats on the 6 month milestone! I’ve really enjoyed following your blog and love your writing style. Keep up the great work and here’s to another exciting year in 2017!

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